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Organizing the Web

WebCrate's goal is to help you organize the web. In the hyperfocused world that is the internet things get lost pretty quickly. You see a link on Twitter or read an interesting article, but after 2 minutes you have already forgotten all about it. WebCrate is meant to be your central place to just drop links into. At a later point you can then go ahead and retrieve them or organize them into different groups called crates.

Additionally to this WebCrate also offers the ability to share individual links or entire collections of links with the world. Have a list of useful web development resources? Or found a cool places you want to visit on your next Roadtrip? Put them in a crate and share the public link for anyone to see!

Made by a Team of One

Hi I am Maximilian (@BetaHuhn), a student by day and web developer by night based in the south of Germany. I love working on open-source projects (like this) in my free time and I am always looking for new challenges.

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your own webcrate

About Deta Space

WebCrate runs on Deta Space, a new personal Cloud. After you sign up, you get your own instance of WebCrate and we have no access to any of your data. The app keeps running even if we disappear. You remain in control.

Learn more about Deta Space and the idea behind it on their website.

Keep Your Web Organized

Organize your web resources like tools, articles and more. WebCrate Beta is completely free to use – for ever!